Dukan Diet is an Effective Way to Control Type 2 Diabetes Diet


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According to the American diabetes association, about 25 million Americans or 8.3 percent of the U.S. population have diabetes. 7 million of them don’t even know that they have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. When our body does not produce enough insulin or the pancreas does not utilize insulin, that means you are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Dukan Diet is an Effective Way to Control Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Researchers estimate that 8 percent of the world could be diabetic by 2030. People who are pre-diabetic have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and heart stroke.

Losing weight and regular exercise is the most effective way to delay type 2 diabetes and even in some cases, can bring blood glucose levels to normal. Dukan Diet has proved that it is one of the best ways to control Type 2 Diabetes Diet and lose weight.

Advantages of Dukan Diet

Low on carbs

Dukan diet is low on carbs and you don’t need to calculate your carbs intake, each time you are eating the food. When you follow the Dukan diet, you can be sure that you are naturally taking low carbs, especially when you are eating vegetable every other day.

During the weight loss phases of the Dukan Diet, there are no fruits, as fruits are the only natural food that contains rapid assimilation sugars which hinder weight loss.

Low on fat

Dukan Diet is low on fat, especially saturated fat, and contains no trans fat This helps lower the risk of developing heart disease. Dukan Diet contains non-fat dairy products, eggs, lean meats, and seafood. It also contains non-starchy vegetable which is healthy for the heart.

Fast initial weight loss

With Dukan Diet, you can see fast initial weight loss, which is a huge motivating factor. Most of the diet plans do not succeed due to slow progress and invisible results. Dukan Diet shows that weight loss is real and faster. This adds much important motivation.

Dukan Diet is low on salt

Diabetes increase the risk of high blood pressure, hence cutting back on salt intake is essential. Dukan Diet is low on salt and hence help lower your blood pressure

Exercise is an essential part of the Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet is an Effective Way to Control Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Exercise and regular workouts are very important parts of the Dukan Diet. It helps in managing blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, increases good cholesterol and helps decrease insulin resistance. Reducing fat and developing muscles helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Exercise can include simple activities like walking.

It is especially helpful for people who are obese. Walking produces serotonin and endorphins which helps in developing the feeling of well being and lower the stress level.

Dukan Diet is for long term

Losing weight is just one part of the Dukan Diet plan. Maintaining weight is another very important part, which Dukan Diet takes into consideration. Through each phase, Dukan Diet helps in developing healthy habits that you can maintain for life and hence maintain a healthy weight, forever.

Weight loss is one of the most effective ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes and Dukan Diet is one of the most effective way to achieve that. With Dukan Diet, you not only lose weight faster but also develops healthy habits that help in maintaining the ideal weight and hence keeping Type 2 diabetes at bay.


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