Active Meditation Techniques


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Although the benefits of meditative techniques are proven to be very positive in today’s world people find it hard to keep their mind from wandering during a session. We are constantly bombarded with mass-media messages and information up to the point where we have difficulty keeping our attention on the same subject for extended periods of time.

Staying healthy should be our main concern as we are inhaling so much intoxication through our body which needs to be detoxified. Exercising, yoga seems to be one of the ways in which you can detoxify not only bad elements out of the body but also stress and anxiety. However, there are many types of meditation that need to be discussed. In this article, we will discuss active meditation techniques and many sub techniques. Let us discuss this. 

As a form of meditation, this method offers the chance to go into the traditional meditation state by performing tasks and even working instead of the usual introspective stationary state. It was traditionally practiced by the late Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who is now known under the name Osho. He was famous for being the supporter and advocate of over a hundred different meditative techniques out of which active meditation was what he practiced the most.

Typically active meditation is performed in steps and stages and similarly to the other traditional method it helps calm your mind and your sense of balance and serenity. Osho believed the modern world required a more active touch and that a style of meditation that involves physical activities was better suited and more practical for the dynamic of the modern world. The great thing about active meditation is the fact that it has no particular activity which needs to be performed.

Much like the psychological phenomenon is known as “flow” which artists seem to enter when they are entirely given into a task active meditation has a similar duality in its nature – the physical compliments the spiritual and in term supports it.

One of the most important aspects of meditation is proper breathing – counting your breaths will help you form the base of the meditation. Breathe in through the nose and breath out, count a full ten breaths at any given time and continue working while you do this. The benefit of this particular exercise is that you’ll be able to concentrate better at work and it will help keep your stress levels low.

Another aspect of active meditation is the ability to perceive the world as sharply as possible in our everyday interactions. We all have a natural intuition that shows from time to time during our lives, however actively being aware of the entirety of everything surrounding you can be a truly unique and uplifting experience. And what we mean by that is not scattering your awareness over a dozen different things but focusing on one aspect of what you’re doing.

For example, you’re reading a book – you focus on the act of reading while the world evaporates and dissolves around you, you become drawn in by the written words with characters, concepts, and ideas visualized in your head dominating your mind’s eye. This helps stimulate your ability to focus and also to let go of stress and anxiety no matter what you do. Practicing this might be difficult, however, the benefits of being able to completely concentrate on one task are undeniable.

Focusing on tasks will not only help you become more productive but it will also let you know yourself like never before. If your mind is divided then you are divided. Only in knowing yourself will you become strong as the mind and the hand act as one.

A Little Intro About Active Medications Techniques: 

The active medication is an active and dynamic form of medication which is the total opposite of static yoga that requires you to sit still and meditate. This one is totally the opposite of such yoga and those who have a problem with staying still and stable can totally indulge in these medication techniques. 

All these meditation strategies are aimed towards making you calmer and stronger and stable. You will be cold headed and will be able to decide anything without any disruption. It causes a mental state all over- that is mentally and physically so that you can master over the melancholic terms. 

Why Should We Be Performing Active Medication? 

We have reached a place where we need peace. Outside pressures have created a flux in our mind which has made us believe we relate with our own soul which results in disturbance over our mind and spirituality. 

Performing active medication can cause us to reconnect with our own soul and create a sense of togetherness with your would and body. It connects and creates a strong attachment between your body, soul, and spirituality. 

Your thoughts that were scattered before can get amassed if you perform this particular technique. It makes you more content and composed in situations that need you to be composed. It soothes your melancholic senses and brings it all together for the sake of togetherness. 

What Is The Benefit Of Active Meditation Techniques? 

The technique is very easy for those who like to remain activated throughout and do not like to stay still. Here are some of the benefits of active meditation. However, each meditation technique has its own benefits but an accumulated version of it can benefit you in different ways. 

  • It composes your stance and makes you feel calm. 
  • Performing active medication can help you get control of your anxiety. 
  • It makes you more conscious about your own situation
  • Helps you take control of the situation 
  • It helps you relax and soothes your nerves. 
  • It helps medicate breathing problems and tunes it in a formative way. 

How To Perform Various Active Meditation Techniques? 

Here we will discuss two forms of active meditation and their benefits too. 

Osho Dynamic Meditations:

This medication is generally done for one hour and is divided into five stages. Each step becomes more intense and connecting. Here are the steps. 

  • The first stage of 10 minutes: Stand with your feet apart and in composure. Breathing intensely and strongly. Flow with the rhythm but do not make it into a repetitive pattern.
  • The second stage of 10 minutes: This is the stage where you have to let go of the anger and pain and do whatever that your mind wants you to do. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the process. 
  • The third stage of 10 minutes: When you have totally let go and become very familiar with yourself and have freedom over your emotion, jump. 
  • The fourth stage of 15 minutes: After this, let yourself become strong like a rock. Let yourself become strong from the inside. Let yourself get immersed at the moment and be composed. 
  • The last stage of 15 minutes: At this stage let yourself go. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your process of letting go and winning over your emotions. 


  • It calms you down 
  • You let go of your anger. 
  • It makes you feel relieved and light. 

Sitting Meditations: 

Sitting meditation is different from dynamic meditation. It has four forms but each form has one basic principle of sitting. The meditation is named full lotus, half-lotus, Burmese posture, Burmese posture variation. Here are some of the steps. 

  • Sit straight as if you are sitting on a chair. 
  • Cross the legs. Place one leg on another according to the meditation variation. 
  • Keep the mouth closed. 
  • Let yourself feel the emotion of it. Let yourself feel it. 
  • Breathe lightly and in a concentrated manner. do it for 15 minutes. 


  • Reduces stress. 
  • It makes you calm. 
  • It makes you feel connected with your spirit. 

What Are The Yogic Meditation Techniques?  

There are four yogic meditation techniques. They are sitting meditation, a visualization practice, a mantra practice, and a walking meditation, we have already discussed sitting meditation. Let us discuss this. 

Visualization Meditation: 

The main way to practice this is to visualize a picture that makes you feel comfortable. People have eyes to sense their surroundings which can make you feel tranquil. 

Mantra Practice: 

This meditation is another way of getting connected with your perception. This one gets your connection with your sound and mind. You have to chant a word or sentence to channel your negative thoughts toward positivity. 

Walking Meditation:

In this meditation, you have to walk to a destination, slowly and provocatively so that you can get time to think. 


  • It clears your mind. 
  • It helps you think
  • It helps you channel your positive thoughts and make you feel good. 
  • It removes anxiety and nervousness. 
  • It creates an aura of tranquillity. 
  • Eliminates the sense of restlessness. 

Meditation is something that everyone should engage in. If you think sitting and stretching is not the only method of meditation. You can jump, screams and shout, you can even walk and breath and mutter words as all of this falls under the active yogic techniques.


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