Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15


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If you want to avoid becoming part of that not so cool and exclusive club and avoid Fresher Spread, as it is also sometimes known as then check out some of these easy ways to keep that dreaded 15 pound gain at bay.


Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15
Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman

The problem facing most students is that even the lesser of the two evils, namely Fresher Five (A mere 5 kilogram or 11-pound weight gain, compared to the 15 pound gain of a Freshman 15), is all too easily achieved due to the fact that many dining halls in American universities are set up as hugely tempting all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurants.

Combined with perceived increased alcohol intake and a lack of sleeping hours, this cocktail of sins is understandably going to put pressure on your waistline.

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The good news

The first thing to say is that Freshman 15 or any other term that refers to a large weight gain amongst first-year students is actually a bit of an urban myth in some respects. A study conducted by Ohio State University showed that the average weight gain was more realistically in the region of 2-3 pounds rather than 11 or 15 pounds.

So the good news is that the expected weight gain is overdone but the bad news is that there is still the potential for weight gain unless you adopt a healthy attitude to what you eat and drink and also ensure that you get some regular exercise amongst all the potential partying.

Cleansing your system

Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15
Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman

A great way of keeping yourself in good shape on the inside is to have a regular juice cleanse where you can drink some really tasty juice drinks that will give your body a bit of a reset when you need it with all the healthy ingredients and nutrients that they contain.

Smart food choices

Fast food tastes great and it is convenient but many of us sometimes worry about whether we should be eating any fast food at all. Eating healthily doesn’t mean simply cutting out all processed foods from your diet, it means striking a good balance between having the odd burger and fries but also making sure that you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well.

Regular exercise

Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15
Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman

Getting regular exercise doesn’t mean you have to be down at the gym every day, although it will certainly help to keep you fit rather than fat.

If you don’t have time for the gym or it is not your thing, then consider joining a club on campus where they play basketball or whatever sport or activity you like to do. Doing something you enjoy is more likely to turn into a regular event and part of your lifestyle. This will help you with keeping the weight down with the bonus of having some fun at the same time.

You aim is to fall well short of becoming a Freshman 15 Stories in your first year, and by making enough healthy food choices and getting some.


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Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

If you want to avoid becoming part of that not so cool and exclusive club and...
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