7 Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs


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Most people seek for a way to tone their butt and thighs. It is often that people begin programs aimed at toning their thighs and butt. However, it only increases these areas.  At times, it leads to a reduction in the size instead of toning. It can make people opt to get out of the programs as they see no appealing results.

Want to have a toned and petite figure? Only maintaining your diet is not cutting it? Worry not. Here are some of the best leg workouts for women which will help you achieve your goal. 

7 Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

The reason for not being able to reduce the fat in the thighs and the butt is because these areas are the storage organs of the fat. The fat is usually stored to assist when harsh conditions are experienced.

Toes out toner

7 Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

It is achieved by having your toes out. Your feet should be wider than the width of your shoulder. The upper body is then lowered. The thighs should reach to a point that they are parallel to the floor. The heels are then lifted. They can again be lowered. Attempt to repeat this process again aiming for more than 30 reps. It will help to tone the thighs and the butt.

Childs position

It is achieved by having your feet apart. You then squat until you are parallel to the floor. Your fingertips are then placed right in front of your body. It makes the body has a lifted rear. With the hips raised, your butt tends to be extended. The knees should be bent just slightly. You can then begin the posture again. Make sure that you have reps of up to 30.

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Ridding bicycle

7 Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs
Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Your feet should be apart. They should be wider than your shoulder. The hands should be behind the head. You then squat slowly and rise back up again. The left knee is then lifted. It should go towards the right elbow. It should stop at the center. You then begin from the start again.

It is important to switch sides to achieve effectiveness. You can read the health product reviews, joint pain relief and common types of arthritis. It helps to work the butt as well as the thighs.

Soccer posture

Your feet should be apart. They should be wider than your shoulders. You then squat all the way down. Afterward, you attempt to put your right leg in front of the body. It should be across. Your heel should lead it. You will look like you are about to kick a ball. Your left arm is then swung in the opposite direction to your right arm.

You then begin again. It is important to switch to different sides for effectiveness. Repeat it for some time. It is recommended for health product reviews, joint pain facts and common types of arthritis.

Lean lift

The legs are also apart. They should be wider than your shoulders. Squatting then follows. It should be deep. The arms at this point should be extended. They should be behind the torso. You then hold on to that position for less than two counts. You then begin again from the start. For effectiveness, it is important to switch sides. Repeat this process again.

Use the wall

Before you begin, ensure that your back is to the wall. You then Squat with your feet together. It should be parallel to the floor. Your hands should be at akimbo. There should be contact between the butt and the wall. Your back should also be in contact with the wall.

At this position, the left knee is lifted. It should go towards the chest. The legs can then be switched. It should complete the first rep. It can then be repeated.

Normal squat

Ensure that you go very low. Your butt should be driven back. It should resemble sitting. The thighs should be parallel to the floor. The toes should be over the knees.

jump squats
Workouts to Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Your hands should be behind your head. Your chest should be lifted. There should be a neutral spine. Your chest should not be arched. Using your stomach in this is good.


The squat is the beginner butt work out which is aimed towards making the leg developed and strong. It makes the upper portion of the leg as well as the tender of the leg very strong and tight. Make sure that you do it 10 times repeatedly for 2 times. 

Glute Ham Raise:

This work out seems a bit tough but it is totally worth it. It is targeted towards making the glutes stronger. This is how to target THE back of thighs. 

Walking Lunge:

This is targeted towards making the upper part of the leg, as well as the lounge, grow stronger and healthier. It strengthens the leg and makes the leg more stable. 

Leg Curls:

This particular work out will make your legs look sexy as doing it in sets will make your flexes of the legs more stable. You have to keep adding up the reps as the time goes by. This also makes your hips look extended as it broadens the potions. 

Sissy Squat:

You should always do this as this also helps in extension of the upper thigh as well as making the stronger. You should add the reps as you go. 

Romanian Deadlift:

This particular work out should be done daily as it is aimed towards extending the hip portion. It includes heavy lifting but totally worth it. 

Sledge Drag:

You should drag it from the back so that it could affect your muscles to build up the structure and strengthen it. 


The program that one enrolls in can affect the size of their butt and thighs. Wrong programs can lead to an increase in the size of the thighs and the butt.  The diet can also increase. Your body tends to store the extra calories in your butt and thighs. Therefore, the snacks that we feed our bodies result in an increase in the thighs and the butt. All of this work out will lead up to a more petite, stronger and strengthened leg structure that will make you proud. 


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