A Comprehensive Guide about Signature Knee Replacement


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Not all people are the same, and neither is their individual anatomy. That’s why orthopedic surgeons are leveraging advanced medical technology to develop personalized positioning guides for total knee replacement. However, please note that your surgeon will still make use of those artificial implants that they find best for you.

Signature personalized Knee Replacement – What is it?

Signature personalized knee replacement, also called signature Knee Replacement, is a specialized method used for replacing the complex joint of your knee.
Guide about Signature Knee Replacement

Signature personalized knee replacement, also called signature Knee Replacement, is a specialized method used for replacing the complex joint of your knee. It is fast growing in popularity. In a conventional knee replacement, a surgeon uses a generic artificial joint for implantation,  while signature Personalized method, the surgeon customizes the prosthesis (the artificial joint) to deliver the best result possible.

In the latter technique, the surgeon uses an MRI scanner to get maps of a patient’s knee based on a 3D model of your knee’s anatomy. When an exact replica of the knee has been made, the replacement implant and a set of tailor-made guides are created. This custom-designed implant will best fit the patient’s body, allowing the leg to be in perfect alignment.

Why Opt For Signature Technique?

A typical total knee replacement method will be sufficient for many patients, but people with generic artificial implants often find problems with recovery, experience pain related to the replacement surgery, report instability, and feel that their joint is loose or wobbly.

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With the Signature Personalized replacement technique, the fit is almost perfect from the beginning itself, which finally results in excellent stability. Reports say that a patient who has undergone this personalized replacement can easily rely upon the joint and feels comfortable with it much faster than the traditional knee joint replacement surgery.

The best fit ensures that the joint will not be loose or wobbly, and the patient feels as if it is moving in perfect alignment with the leg. The personalized signature technique also provides the patient with a better range of motion from the knee. So, you can bend and stretch to a greater angle than traditional solutions.

Taking a Glance at Implantation

Guide about Signature Knee Replacement

The implantation technique used in the signature personalized knee replacement is minimally invasive. Moreover, the custom-designed implant helps reduce the amount of bone or cartilage that needs to be removed in order to perfectly fit the artificial joint. And perhaps this is the reason why you can expect better healing and a faster recovery in this case, compared to standard total knee replacement surgery. The signature personalized knee replacement surgery involves less time and causes the least modification to your existing anatomy.

The Signature technique may not be the best option for every patient who needs a knee replacement, but it is certainly recommended for those who qualify for this method.  This method has several benefits over standard replacement techniques and products.

Well, it’s never too late. Consult your orthopedic surgeon today and learn about the surgical alternatives of traditional knee replacement, such as signature personalized knee replacement and gender-specific knee replacement.


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