5 Ways To Manage Back Pain At Home


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So, you bent the wrong way while lifting a heavy object? Or, you are dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis. Whatever it is, low back pain hurts. It hurts a lot. Sometimes, you clearly know that it’s serious: you get injured, or feel numbness, or experience weakness or tingling in the legs.

5 Ways To Manage Back Pain At Home
Ways To Manage Back Pain At Home

If such is the situation, you better visit your doctor. In all other cases of mild and routine low back pain, you can try out our suggested tips. Here are they:

Chill it

Ice is an excellent back pain treatment if you apply it within the first 24 to 48 hours. It reduces the inflammation and relaxes the spine. But, make sure you remove it from the affected part after about 15-20 minutes so that your skin can take a rest.

Move it –

Just like our bodies, our spines like to move. So, keep doing your routine tasks. Make beds for kids, walk the dog, but avoid overdoing, and do not even think about lifting something heavy.

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Ways To Manage Back Pain At Home

Become strong once the pain recedes –

Back pain doesn’t last for a long time (except when it’s serious damage to your spine). So, once the pain subsides, start working on the muscles that support your lower back including the back extensor muscles. Yoga, jogging, and aerobics exercises, such as swimming and bicycling, are great for a strong back. Again, don’t overdo it, else you may end up with a sour back.

Stretch it –

A large number of youngsters these days complain of pain in their neck region and back. Medical experts say the primary reason is the way they sit on their office chairs. So, keep your sitting postures straight, and you’ll be on your way to avoid back and neck pain.

Stretch your back and legs after about every 20 minutes or so. Don’t sit slumped in your office chair all day. Look online for correct sitting postures and stretch exercises that you can easily try at your office.

Heels are not your best friend –

High heels create a more unstable posture, and therefore put extra stress on your lower back. The wisdom, therefore, lies in throwing them out and using only flats or low heels. There is nothing wrong with wearing heels occasionally, but avoid it for regular use.

However, if you notice that the pain doesn’t go away in a matter of days with the home-based back pain treatment, it’s best to see your doctor. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • See your doctor if the low back pain continues to wreck your life. And, it hurts even when you are resting
  • See your doctor if you lose control over your bowels or bladder
  • See your doctor if you feel numbness in your legs, and can’t even stand on your feet properly

These could be the signs of some underlying medical conditions that need to be treated by a spine specialist. The good thing is that there are many experienced spine specialists around. So, finding one for consultation and back pain treatment isn’t a tough thing to do.

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